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To ensure complete safety and best performance, we strongly recommend using your device's original cable or a third-party certified cables.

Super charger Ports: Can charge any device at speeds of up to 2.4 amps, will automatically determine your device's optimum input and provide it accordingly.

Standard Ports: Capable of charging most Android phones and iPhones with iOS 5 or later at full speed as well as many other devices.

A. Check to ensure that your device is USB-powered with a power input of 5V and between 0 and 2.4A.

B. Check to ensure that the power cord isn't broken, is connected to an active wall outlet and also firmly connected to the BJD Desktop Charger .

C. Use a different usb cable to double check. If the issue is our wall charger, please feel free to email us.

Please refer to your device's user manual, original OEM charging adapter, or contact the manufacturer to determine this information

No, the charger will only supply the maximum charge current allowed by your device up to 2.4 Amps from each port. That is to say, if you use a 2.4A charger with a device drawing 1A, it will only draw 1A.

It is a standard 2-prong power cord, they're easily available online. If you can't find it online please contact our customer care team.

The charger will consume almost no power in this state. Its standby power consumption is rated at <0.5W.

The charger ports can work at the same time with the wireless charging.

BJD committed to provide 30-Days for Return & Refund, 18 Months Quality Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support:-

    Return & Refund, 18-Months Warranty, Lifetime Technical Support
  • First For all purchases through BJD direct store, if there goes any kinds of malfunction, we provide 30-Days for Return & Refund, 18-Months Quality Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support.
  • Return and Refund:-
  • We guarantee all of our products against quality defects within the defined period (eg, 30 Days for US buyers, for specific warranty period please refer to related local laws), customers could apply for return and refund under the condition that items (including accessories) are qualified for second sale.
  • Products with no quality-related issues can be returned within warranty period of receiving your order, however, you will be responsible for all shipping fees. For defect products, we will cover the shipping charge.
  • If a product is not specifically listed, the warranty period is 18 months. plus lifetime technical support.
  • For your own benefits, please mind the following information-

    For a smooth return and refund, quality warranty and technical support, please follow these steps

  • Please submit detail information of buyers account, or invoice
  • Describe the malfunctions you had experienced
  • Return, exchange and quality warranty are not compatible with the following conditions
  • Products that had been artificially damaged, or undergone damage caused by mistake, abuse, wrong operation, inappropriate accessory connection, inappropriate operation and etc during course of using
  • Products had been opened from the inside or repaired by unauthorized agencies
  • Products that had been damaged by natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, hurricane and etc.
  • Products that exceeded our warranty period.
  • Proof of purchase such as Invoice lost, or without purchase proof.
  • Wrong proof of purchase, or tampered purchase proof.
  • Cautions

    Products that had been artificially damaged, or undergone damage caused by mistake, abuse, wrong operation, inappropriate accessory connection, inappropriate operation and etc during course of using are exempt from our warranty policy. However, we still provides repair service for these items, only if buyers sign an Agreement for Special Repair Service first.

    Please note that cost cause by repairing and maintenance service mentioned above are on buyers' part.

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